Araneta City’s caffeinated delights

Filipinos have a special love affair with coffee, and it’s not just reserved for mornings. It’s the go-to pick-me-up, no matter the hour. The rich, bold flavors of Filipino coffee, like the Kapeng Barako, even find perfect harmony with sweet and savory pastries.

If you’re looking for a cup of strong coffee to give you a much-needed energy boost to work or go about your day, Araneta City has a diverse selection that blends the robust coffee flavor with other ingredients that just go so well, especially when you’re feeling like munching on something while sipping on that cup of joe. 

Jim’s Recipe (Ground Floor, Gateway Mall) 

Craving a coffee kick with a side of delectable pastries? Look no further than Jim’s Recipe in Araneta City. Their brews are renowned for their strength, perfect for those who need a jolt to jumpstart their day or conquer that afternoon slump. Besides the usual Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, and other flavored coffee offerings, their menu also features Signature Coffee flavors that are truly Filipino, like the Ube Mango Latte and Honey Calamansi. There are also traditional sponge cakes and bars, glaze bars, and special cakes to balance the strong coffee profile with something sweet. 

Tindeli by Chef Tatung (Upper Ground Floor B, Gateway 2)

Tindeli Cafe offers a haven for coffee aficionados and pastry lovers alike. It’s the perfect place for those who want to unwind and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee that’s well-suited for the Filipino palate. Their signature Cream Brulee Latte has just the right sweetness and nuttiness from burnt sugar without compromising the coffee’s robust flavor. Although Tindeli has its fair share of cakes and desserts, its savory “tindesals” aren’t something to overlook. Their Choriquezo comes with fresh ingredients for a well-balanced dish. 

MN+LA Artisan Cafe (Upper Ground Floor B, Gateway 2)

For a taste of California cool in Araneta City, head to MN+LA Artisan Cafe. This minimalist gem doesn’t just boast a trendy vibe – its coffee program is a serious contender. They take pride in using high-quality beans and brewing methods to deliver a robust and flavorful cup. While they serve up classic brews to satisfy any coffee purist, their specialty lies in pushing boundaries. Their Orange Espresso Fizz is an intriguing beverage that combines the bold energy of espresso with the refreshing citrus tang of orange, creating a layered flavor profile that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Finest Sulu Coffee (Upper Ground Floor B, Gateway 2)

Coffee lovers don’t just enjoy the drink because of its kick. Versatility and diverse flavor profiles make it a well-loved beverage. Plus, you don’t have to travel far just to get a taste of specialty coffee. In Gateway Mall 2, you can get a test of cultural heritage in a cup with Palm Grill’s Finest Sulu Coffee. This specialty coffee boasts robust beans sourced directly from Sulu in Mindanao, renowned for their intense flavor profile.  Finest Sulu Coffee offers a unique opportunity to experience a taste of the Philippines’ rich coffee diversity, right in the heart of the bustling metropolis. 

Erin’s Artist’s Lounge and Cafe (Upper Ground Level, Ali Mall)

Tucked away in Ali Mall, Araneta City, Erin’s Artist’s Lounge and Cafe offers a delightful escape for those seeking a caffeine kick and a satisfying meal. Their menu boasts strong coffee blends, perfect for jumpstarting your day or perking you up for your afternoon. For instance, their Americano has a robust coffee flavor that makes you feel as if you’re drinking from a retro diner who knows how to serve their coffee: pure and strong. Erin’s also offers other coffee flavors but their Espresso con Panna is an espresso shot that comes with ice cream for a balanced drink.  But Erin’s isn’t just about the brew; they also dish up a variety of filling yet affordable dishes, like a classic pasta dish or a protein-packed entree with generous portions. 

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