Fantastic Pride Of Araneta: Exciting Rainbow Toast At The City Of First

The letter A in Araneta City has always been for ACCEPTANCE and AFFIRMATION – thus the first letter in our English and Filipino alphabet.

Just like how the Pride movement always comes first to our modern consciousness every June each year, Araneta City always takes pride in becoming the City of Firsts for those looking forward to a safe space and a well-accommodating go-to place for everyone from all gender spectrums and background.

With the advent of pink tourism, Araneta City and its malls host dining and unwinding spots where people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identity expression (SOGIE) can freely be themselves and feel the spirit of inclusivity through its wide range of eating places that cater to all taste buds, leaving us with a smile on our faces and tummies.

The following outlets are undeniably great for celebrating our true selves within and beyond the month of Pride, so let’s check them out!

Tacio’s Bistro

Ground Floor, New Frontier Theater, General Roxas Avenue, Araneta City, Quezon City

Existing since 2016, this diner has always been at the top of the minds of people looking forward to unlocking their weekends after a long and productive workweek. With its unstoppable growth of a massive following from its patrons for nearly a decade, Tacio’s Bistro offers a wide range of colorful drinks that soothe stress and a fusion cuisine that satisfies mouths craving for something extraordinary.

Apart from the usual concerts inside the New Frontier Theater and the nearby Smart Araneta Coliseum, Tacio’s also offers a jamming sound trip with its in-house band and guest soloists who will sing our hearts out at the top of our lungs. Since moving to its current location in September 2023, this promising outlet has made its music, drinks, and cuisine accessible to all.

A friendly reminder: Feel free to sing lively. At the same time, don’t forget to drink and eat responsibly!

Ounce Manila

Second Level, New Frontier Theater, Gen. Aguinaldo Avenue, Araneta City, Quezon City

From Dubai, say “kanpai”!

This cocktail bar is perfect for those having an after-party celebration, an after-concert glow from the New Frontier Theater, or a chill time after strolling around the Gateway Mall. Enjoy the view of the thoroughfares of General Malvar and General Aguinaldo Avenues while sipping their signature cocktails like Rollie Lollie, Calamansito, Not Your Pina Colada, Tablea Choco Chili Martina, Wine Ice Cream, and a long-running list of drinks anyone can choose from.

Ounce Manila is the Philippine branch of the original Filipino tastemakers based in Dubai (Ounce Dubai), which is why the New Frontier Theater is lucky enough to have them in the City of Firsts. Given its immediate proximity to the Theater and the Big Dome, its playlist offers an ounce of hits inspired by those upcoming concerts and events in Araneta City, adding so much excitement for those rooting for whatever the music events they want to be in.

Likewise, feel free to sing lively. At the same time, don’t forget to drink and eat responsibly!


UGF-B, Gateway Mall 2, Araneta City, Quezon City

Yes, it is! A global Philippine clothing brand has a cafe within its minimalist corners!

Located just ten steps away from the iconic Quantum Skyview of Gateway Mall 2, this brainchild of Filipino visionary Francc Mendoza elevates the staple of Filipino streetwear to the spotlight of global lifestyle, blended with artisan drinks suitable for those craving coffee and chocolate with style. MN+LA stands for “Manila Meets Los Angeles”, thus modern street style meets cafe artisanship.

“Sip down and be humbled” with their signature non-coffee and coffee choices, hot or iced, from fizz to freezoccino starting at P130 – and it’s tall enough! Plus, their drink area has seats and a couch where anyone can sip a cup while looking at the glass where the Gateway 2’s giant LED board can be seen – especially if you’re looking for more surprises at this mall.

Their other essentials like pomade and perfumes are also displayed at their cafe counter.

Hawker Chan

UGF-A, Gateway Mall 2, Araneta City, Quezon City

Taste the pride of Singapore at Hawker Chan, located on the Upper Ground Floor A of Gateway Mall 2, and experience their dishes and desserts at the most unexpected prices which your wallet – and your partner – will wear a smile.

Their bestselling Ice Kachang, priced at P68 per bowl, is a shaved ice dessert popular in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei that shares similarities with the Philippines’ halo-halo. The diversity and vibrance of its ingredients within the shaved ice with peanuts, corn, and grass jelly as the most dominant toppings make this dessert special and unique. Something that makes everyone come back to this spot any time of the year.

Imperial Ice Cream

Palenque, UGF-B, Gateway Mall 2, Araneta City, Quezon City

As the one-hit wonder goes, “Mamang sorbetero tayo’y sumayaw/Kalembang mong hawak muling ikaway.”

In front of Gateway Mall 2’s Palenque is a well-prized Sorbetes that hosts colorful flavors that define the Filipino spirit of joyful delight. Brought to us by Imperial Ice Cream, per serving costs P50 for a cone and P60 for a paper cup.

The presence of Sorbetes in a mall is an inclusive approach to make it accessible in the comfort of Gateway Mall 2. In addition, this Filipino ice cream is suitable for those who catch their sweet tooth while exploring the shopping center.

At all times, restrooms within Araneta City’s flagship shopping centers, particularly at Gateway Mall 1 and 2 feature an exclusive All-Gender Restroom for all LGBTQIAP+ people. In addition, the City of Firsts complies with the existing Anti-Discrimination Ordinance of the Quezon City Government (SP-2357, Series of 2014) towards people of all genders, ensuring that Araneta City is a safe space for everyone.

At the City of Firsts, the spirit of inclusivity, acceptance, and affirmation always comes first, encompassing people from all walks of life, regardless of gender identity and expression.

May the spirit of Pride live in us at most times, all year round! Let’s embrace diversity at Araneta City! Happy Pride, everyone!

Don’t forget to download the Araneta City app on iOS or Android for more gastro explorations and other rewarding surprises!

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