Experience fine Thai dining in this new Araneta City restaurant

The rise in popularity of Thai cuisine can be attributed to its captivating taste profile. Known for its vibrant flavors, Thai food frequently combines fiery spices with the subtle sweetness of citrus fruits, creating an interplay of contrasting flavors unique from other Asian culinary traditions.

This is the exact tastebud experience that Mango Tree Cafe at the New Gateway Mall 2 offers. Nestled among the diverse range of restaurants within the mall’s Restaurant Collection, it is a must-visit destination for Thai cuisine enthusiasts.

The restaurant’s ambiance exudes a relaxing tropical vibe. Drawing inspiration from traditional Thai architecture, Mango Tree Cafe mirrors the look and feel of typical Thai houses.

Inside the store, one will be greeted by a cozy atmosphere and rustic feel. It has an abundance of wooden accents, vibrant plant arrangements, and seating adorned with hints of verdant green. The sight alone already transports diners to a majestic Thai journey.

The culinary offerings are just as captivating as the store’s surroundings. Its menu is filled with interesting food choices, mostly marked if they are spicy or contain nuts or shellfish.

Thai cuisine caters to a variety of healthy food choices, including vegan and vegetarian meals, while still offering a flavorful dining experience. A wide array of fresh fruits, crisp vegetables, and invigorating sauces are incorporated into every Thai dish, ensuring that every bite is a burst of fresh and vibrant flavors.

Enjoy an authentic Thai dining experience in style. Visit Mango Tree Cafe at the ground floor of the New Gateway Mall 2.

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