Matcha lover? Get a serving in these Araneta City stores

Japan’s ultimate tea powder – matcha – has invaded the world, including Araneta City! Explore a diverse selection of matcha products that you can avail of at the City of Firsts: pure matcha tea and drinks, decadent matcha sweets and treats, matcha fusions, and many more!

There’s a long list of shops and cafés that serve the finest matcha in the City so we curated everything in the list below.


Have a matcha bliss at The Matcha Tokyo!

This store in Araneta City is Matcha Tokyo’s second branch here in the country. It promises to serve 100% organic, ceremonial-grade matcha — meticulously hand-picked from Japan — in every cup.

Avail a cup of Iced Matcha Latte, made with oat milk, raw sugar syrup, and of course the premium-graded Matcha. You can also try their Frozen Matcha Latte topped with a matcha-flavored soft ice cream. Enjoy matcha in both drinks and treats!

Location: Ground Floor, Coliseum Plaza, New Gateway Mall 2


The world’s wonders served in a cup at UCC.

Sip on their deliciously creamy and aromatic tea latte that is crafted from premium Shizuoka green tea leaves and perfected with dairy milk for additional richness in flavor. Get your instant matcha fix in a box of 10 or 30 sticks to brew your favorite drink at home.

Location: Ground Floor, The Lagoon, New Gateway Mall 2


Behind every cup is a story with Starbucks.

Get a sip of matcha from one of the country’s favorite go-to coffee shop. Avail of their Honey Plum Pure Matcha Latte, Iced Matcha, and Espresso Fusion to enjoy your matcha drink with a twist. You can also avail of the Matcha Starbucks VIA® to mix your matcha drink at home.

Locations: Ground Floor, The Lagoon, New Gateway Mall 2; Upper Ground Floor, Gateway Mall; Coliseum Circle; Ground Floor, Cyberpark 1; Ground Floor, Ali Mall; Ground Floor; Cyberpark 2


The country’s FIRST Activated Charcoal Enhanced Frozen Greek Yogurt, BLK513.

Maximize the benefits of BLK513 Activated Charcoal Enhanced Frozen Greek Yogurt with the addition of Matcha Milk as a sauce topping. Fuse the essential positives of both delectables in one cup for a healthy treat! Match the cup with a variety of fruit and crunch choices.

Location: UGA, New Gateway Mall 2


There’s matcha more to explore at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Find your premium matcha like you’ve never before with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s line of Matcha drinks: Matcha Ice Blended® and Matcha Latte. Or you can have the Matcha Macchiato and Matcha Affogato Ice Blended for a brew of coffee.

CBTL’s high-quality, restaurant-grade matcha powder is sourced from the Shizuoka prefecture in Japan where a majority of the best Japanese green tea is grown. Visit The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for a cup!

Location: Ground Floor, Gateway Promenade, Gateway Mall.


Visit the nook born out of the love for coffee and drinks – Black Scoop Coffee.

Enjoy a variety of choices from their drinks – coffee, tea, frappe, and specialty drinks that include matcha! Savor the exquisite taste of the joint’s Matcha Latte perfected with a blend of their premium matcha and latte.

Location: Ground Floor, Gateway Tower


Let the Baristas brew your matcha at Barista Coffee Beans.

Trust the Baristas to curate a quality matcha drink to satisfy your cravings. Barista Coffee Beans source their matcha powder from Sapporo, Japan to provide an authentic matcha experience to customers.

Reuse the cups used by Barista Coffee Beans to avail of discounts on your next purchase.

Location: Level 2, Gateway Tower


The tea house that serves the tea fit for a King – Gong Cha.

Gong cha uses only loose-leaf tea, no bags or powders, and ensures that all drinks are served at their freshest by making all tea and pearls fresh in-store with just a four-hour shelf life. This commitment to excellence ensures that Gong Cha is always brewing happiness.

Choose between House Special Matcha Milk Tea and Matcha Milk Tea to experience Gong Cha’s royal serving of Japan’s trademark match tea.

Location: Fiesta Carnival Arcade


But First, Coffee also serves matcha! Its matcha series has three bold flavors which you can order either hot or cold: The Matcha Latte, The Matcha Espresso, and the Matcha Strawberry.

Pick your sip and enjoy it in an al fresco setup while studying or doing business with But First, Coffee atop the view of Araneta City.

Location: Level 2, New Frontier Theater


It’s tea time, it’s Chatime!

Experience Taiwan’s largest bubble tea brand, Chatime, in Araneta City. Shaking up the tea scene in the city, Chatime brings in their tea supremacy in matcha style.

Green tea lovers, you’re in for a treat with the Cream Cheese Matcha – you’ll love how the salty-sweet cream cheese brightens the earthy matcha. 

Location: Upper Ground Floor, Ali Mall


Enter the alley to the world of irresistible flavors by The Alley.

The Alley offers an exclusive menu with hand-crafted drinks and grab-and-go cafe food including pastries, salads, fried snacks, house-blended specialty coffee, and matcha! Try their Matcha Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk, and Matcha Yogurt with pearls.

Location: Upper Ground Floor, Ali Mall


It’s a matcha made in heaven with ChaChago.

Chachago is another famous milk tea shop from Taiwan that brings in the authen-tea-city of tea in the City. Satisfy your craving with Chachago’s matcha brewed drinks: Matcha Milk Green Tea and Matcha with Salted Cream. Choose the drink that matcha you for a healthy yet appetizing treat!

Location: Level 2, Farmers Plaza


Discover the true taste of Japanese Cuisine and satisfy your food cravings with Shin Mikana.

The Shin Mikana Japanese Supermart in Araneta City is a fusion of a grocery and a restaurant in one. Grab and buy at the grocery racks on the ground floor and let the restaurant on the second floor cook it for you. Don’t miss out on their matcha tea packs directly from Japan.

Location: North Hub, Farmers Market


Sip, savor, repeat, and have your matcha within a dash with Dash Coffee.

Are you tired from work and have no time to spare? Dash Coffee got you as they can serve quality and affordable drinks in a dash. Get your sip of matcha and more without wasting a second.

Location: Call Out Food Hub, Ground Floor, Telus Building.


It’s match-a been love with Indulge by Novotel Manila Araneta City.

Enjoy a refreshing treat from the hotel’s Indulge Gelato, a gelato and pastry shop. Grab a cone of their homemade gelato made from natural ingredients and with no preservatives, or take a break in the seating area and indulge in a selection of housemade goodies.

Look for the “It’s match-a been love” gelato box to try matcha in a decadent gelato cone!

Location: Ground Floor, Novotel Manila Araneta City

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