Purple food finds in Araneta City to celebrate BTS anniversary

Raise your ARMY Bombs as it’s purple power time, ARMYs! Araneta City is turning the town purple as we celebrate Korean supergroup BTS’ 11th anniversary this year. 

More than this event, Araneta City, in partnership with The Fact Music Awards, is currently hosting “B★VERSE, BTS Singing The Stars Exhibition” which runs until August 15 at the New Gateway Mall 2. 

But what better way than to level up this momentous occasion with a delicious twist—purple-themed desserts at Araneta City?

To fuel your celebration, we’ve compiled a list of must-try BTS-themed treats in the area:

Dairy Queen

Location: Upper Ground Floor A, Gateway Mall 2

Our go-to ice cream shop recently launched its “Ultimate Ube” collection, offering seven (yes, that’s right, OT7) unique treats, just in time for Bangtan’s anniversary.

Indulge to its Blizzard of the Month offerings—“ube-rrific creations”—namely Ube Cheesecake Blizzard, Ube Crunch Blizzard, Ube Fluff Blizzard, Purple Dream Parfait, Ube Classic Milkshake, Purple Fudge Cheesecake Blizzard Cake, and Purple Cloud Tin Cake.

Caramia Cakes & Gelato

Location: Upper Ground B, Gateway Mall 2

We’re talking about BTS’ birthday, of course, there has to be a cake—an ube-flavored cake to be specific.

Layered with ube chiffon filled with ube halaya and topped with whipped cream, Caramia’s Ube Cake is the perfect choice for those who love the taste of ube but prefer to try a lighter cake. The chiffon base allows the ube flavor to shine without being overly heavy. Whether having it in a slice for yourself or a whole cake to share with your co-ARMYs, the Ube Cake seems like a delicious and elegant option for anyone craving a taste of ube.

Che Buono by Indulge Gelato

Location: Upper Ground, Gateway Mall 2

Okay, first of all, we know we said it’s gonna be a purple-themed treat but how could we say no to a series of BTS-themed gelato?

Che Buono has curated a delightful collection of BTS-themed flavors, capturing the essence of each Bangtan Boy in every delicious scoop—RM for Nature (matcha), Jin for Satellite (nocciola), Suga for Art (zuppa inglese with alcohol), j-hope for Hope (vanilla), Jimin for Aqua (banana candy), V for Film (chocoris), and Jungkook for Prism (mixed berry sorbet). Tried tasting the one with alcohol, man, you can eat it while watching your favorite Suchwita episode.

Auntie Anne’s

Location: Ground Floor, Gateway Mall 1

If you want to take a break from ube flavor, Auntie Anne’s is serving its Kyoho Grape from its Lemonade Mixers series. It blended Auntie Anne’s classic lemonade with a Kyoho grape flavor. Kyoho grapes are a popular Japanese variety known for their intense flavor. 

ARMYs can partner the limited offering Kyoho Grape with Blueberry Cream Cheese Nuggets through its Fresh Combo.

ZUS Coffee

Location: Manhattan Parkway

What about wrapping up your Borahae gastronomical journey with a sip of coffee—ube edition?

Namjooning at its finest when you treat yourself to this newly-opened coffee shop in Araneta City. With its Ube Series, it offers three beverages perfect to cap off your day—Iced Ube Latté, Ube Frappé, and Hot Ube Latté. It also gives discounts when you use their app for your first purchase! 

While you’re already in Araneta City, don’t miss the chance to meet the Tannies up close at the “B★VERSE, BTS Singing The Stars Exhibition”. 

So, ARMYs, get ready to paint your trip to Araneta City purple and have a delightful BTS-themed food adventure. Borahae!

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