Welcome the hot season with ice cream treats in Araneta City

They say “Ice cream is cheaper than therapy.” The statement may be subjective, but one thing’s for sure: having at least a scoop of ice cream makes you feel better from a stressful day, a breakup, or a humid dry season in the country. Living in a tropical country such as the Philippines, it is certain that every restaurant offers a cup of ice cream.

Strolling around Araneta City? Here’s a list of restaurants to score your ice cream treat.


Creating heartwarming comfort food has been Chef Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto’s forte, founder of Nono’s Comfort Kitchen. Apart from their hearty all-day breakfast, appetizers, cakes, and pastries, soothe your sweet tooth with their Affogato, Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich, and Almond Crunch Sundae.

Ready to indulge in these sweet treats? Visit Nono’s at Coliseum Plaza, Ground Floor, Gateway Mall 2.

UCC Park Café

UCC Park Café’s Affogato is right for people who love coffee and are into sweet treats. The contrasting temperatures and textures of vanilla ice cream and a shot of hot espresso will give a delightful blend of creamy sweetness and a bold taste of coffee. As the espresso melts the Vanilla Ice Cream, it forms a creamy, coffee-infused sauce, making it a delightful dessert after a meal or a satisfying treat for sweltering weather.

Get the best of both worlds by having a cup of affogato at the UCC Park Cafe, located at the Restaurant Collection, Ground Floor of Gateway Mall 2.

The Matcha Tokyo

For matcha lovers, you’re in for a treat at The Matcha Tokyo. Apart from their well-known Matcha Latte, you can also enjoy their frozen treats such as the Matcha and Hojicha Soft Creams, Matcha and Hojicha Floats, and Matcha Parfait.

All matcha treats are made from 100% organic, ceremonial-grade green tea leaves that are meticulously hand-picked from Japan.

Have a matcha bliss with these treats at The Matcha Tokyo, located at Coliseum Plaza, Ground Floor of Gateway Mall 2.

Palm Grill

When we say halo-halo, we imagine a dessert served with shaved ice, fruits, and beans, topped with evaporated milk, right? How about a halo-halo that is being served with no shaved ice? Zamboanga made it possible. Zamboanga’s Knicker Fruit Halo-Halo is filled with fresh in-season fruits, nuts, jelly, strawberry syrup, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream.

Knicker Fruit Halo-Halo

Another dessert that Palm Grill takes pride in is its Vanilla Ice Cream with Hinti or Tausug’s version of sweetmeat grated coconut cooked in brown sugar.

Vanilla Ice Cream with Hinti

Savor these sweet flavors of ZamBaSulta by dining in at Palm Grill, located at Palenque on Upper Ground B, Gateway Mall 2.


Apart from its scrumptious Filipino fusion foods, Tindeli also has an array of ice cream flavors that you can choose from. To stay true to its commitment to bringing the best of local flavors, this deli café has partnered with Arce Dairy to highlight “all natural” ice cream made with top-quality fresh carabao milk.

They also have the local version of affogato named “Mantecado Affogato”, which has a vanilla ice cream made from carabao’s milk with butter or lard and is drowned in Mt. Apo coffee bean espresso.

Apart from having a cup of sweet delights, make sure to bring home delicatessen goods in Tindeli, located in Palenque, on Upper Ground B of Gateway Mall 2.

Che Buono

Feast your taste buds with over 36 different flavors of gelato and sorbetto from the Italian gelato brand Che Buono.

If you’re adventurous enough to explore other flavors, try their alcohol-infused gelato flavors such as Mojito, Rum Raisin, Black Forest, and Zuppa Inglese.

Ready to explore the twists of these gelato flavors? Drop by at Che Buono in Restaurant Collection, Ground Floor of Gateway Mall 2.

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

For cheese lovers, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory definitely has a Cow Cow Ice Soft Cream and Cow Cow Sundae for you! The Cow Cow Ice Soft Cream is offered in creamy Hokkaido Tokachi Jersey milk cheese flavor. Meanwhile, Cow Cow Sundae is made from selected Hokkaido Jersey Milk, topped with a double layer of Milk Cheesecake, and Salt & Camembert Cheese Cookie.

Have a cheesy-filled day with these treats of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, located at Restaurant Collection, Ground Floor of Gateway Mall 2.

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